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Worn is a collection of love poems that prominently feature what people are wearing and why. These poems take the reader through love and longing, and manifest how we all cope and get dressed again after the harsh reality of our world lays us bare. 

A Proper Love

A Proper Lover is one woman's journey to find and become a proper lover, in spite of what's been done to her. Like the deceptively simple work of Nikki Giovanni, these well-crafted, honest poems of the heart and body whisper their gospel to the soul. 


12023 Woodmont Avenue

12023 Woodmont Avenue is a poetic memoir. It details how childhood traumas manifest themselves in love and life.


I've read this collection nearly a dozen times since purchasing it on release day, and I am in love. Each page delivers a different experience and draws upon a different emotion. Brilliantly written masterpiece of poetry!

I loved how honest and intimate this book was. I felt like I was watching a poetic movie of the author’s life. I read the book faster than expected because it was amazing.

This is a book not just a book of poetry, but of the mundane spun into beauty. The author has a way with turning phrases into something that you feel in your soul. I read each of her poems two or three times in order to savor them. It’s a book that I will go back to time and again for a bit of fresh air.

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