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Panama III. Birthday Traditions Around the World.

Updated: Jun 10

In Panama on the comarca, they have this awesome tradition: they wake you up at midnight to celebrate your birthday! (That's why I'm wearing my sleep mask and sleep dress. Lol!)

They sing songs for you, using musical instruments they made just for you.l, and the most senior friend or family member chants a prayer for you. Then you're presented with hand-made gifts (this gorgeous necklace and earrings set!), and presented with enough food and beverage for a feast. ALL AT MIDNIGHT.

If you know me, you know I go to bedd every night at 10 pm. So I was already in bed and deep into sleep when the host family woke me up to party with them. At first I was stunned. But it was super cool, and fun! I felt like a queen being loved on and celebrated in this way.

That's why I've decided to bring this tradition home -- waking up my friends and family at midnight to par-tay on their b-day. ;) Life's good. #JoyLife

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