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Updated: May 3

Dear friends, so many of you have asked about my trip to Antarctica that I decided to do a post about it. I went in November 2023, because it was my dream to visit all seven continents.

I got some really good shots of penguins! (See one here.) And, I made some really good friends. But the best parts about the expedition were: 1. Seeing whales. (They were everywhere, and I was this close to them!) 2. Relaxing in the jacuzzi after a long day of shooting. 3. Reading all about Antarctica's early explorers. (I highly recommend the book ENDURANCE by Alfred Lansing.) And, 4. Braving "The Polar Plunge."

Lastly, cheers to Barbara Hillary, my favorite ice-explorer, for giving this Black girl the courage and inspiration to go. #Antarctica #ContinentsClub #TheSeventhContinent #PolarPlunge #AdrienneChristian #BlackLadyExplorers #SoloTravelFox #JoyLife

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